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Communication Integrity Group is solving today’s problems with tomorrow’s technology. We pride ourselves on being your one point of contact for all of your communication needs. We specialize in communication convergence: integrating your telephone system, voicemail, internet access, email, fax, device and file sharing into a unified communication system.

First and foremost we are a technology company that specializes in Communications. All forms, including; voice, data, email, voicemail, paging and cellular. To do this we can communicate using all types of media such as copper, coax, fiber optic, radio waves, DECT and WIFI.

Since 2005, Communication Integrity Group has been serving our customer’s telephony and telecommunication needs in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa. Our team of dedicated, highly knowledgeable technicians and engineers boast more than 50 years of combined experience in our industry. We make continuous investments in our infrastructure, like being one of the first to have fiber, in order to make sure our offerings are at the forefront of reliable technologies.

We take pride in being able to provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to companies of all sizes. Our technical experience and the strategic partnerships we have with our suppliers allow us to offer products, services and tailored solutions to meet requirements and expectations of businesses in any industry.

Please contact us today to find out how you can maximize productivity and minimize cost by taking advantage of the latest technology solutions!

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